Anne-Marie Burke, MS, LPC, NCC, Clinical Coordinator & Therapist

I believe you are on the journey to become who you already are and who you are is infinitely complex. Often times external influences, circumstances, events, or relationships block you from living in the fullness of your complexity, and this can lead to psychological distress. I work with clients to surface these conscious and unconscious barriers to growth so that you can lead a life responsive to who you are rather than reactive to what is going on around you. My hope is that, together, you discover not just relief from symptoms but optimal psychological functioning.

To guide us on your therapeutic journey, I often integrate neuroscience with several therapeutic approaches, namely humanistic-existential therapy (to strengthen the relationship with yourself), interpersonal therapy (to strengthen your relationship with others), somatic experiencing (to strengthen your relationship with the present moment), and multicultural counseling (to strengthen your relationship with the world around you). While those theories lay the foundation of our work together, in practice, this looks like deep inner exploration, authentic connection, constructive feedback, creative solutions, and, most importantly, hearty laughs.

I work primarily with individuals, couples, and small groups in three main areas: (1) Interpersonal concerns – couples conflict, financial stress, family dynamics, parenting, and relationship satisfaction; (2) Inner turmoil (or numbness) – grief, anxiety, depression, or spiritual questioning; and (3) Work-related stress – life/career stage changes, burnout, adapting to high pressure environments, perfectionism, procrastination, and achievement attainment.

Finally, it is important you know my credentials. I am a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) and received my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health from Georgia State University. I completed my clinical training here at Samaritan Counseling Center. I have additional training in Emotional-Focused Couples Therapy, Developmental Counseling Therapy, Financial Therapy, and Trauma-Informed Counseling. 

I am grateful you’ve taken a moment to get to know a bit about me, and I’m hopeful we will have the chance to work together.

To schedule an appointment with Anne-Marie, email her at,

or call (404) 228-7777.