Spiritual Direction

People seek spiritual direction for a wide variety of reasons. You may desire a confidential, trusting relationship in which to integrate spirituality into your daily life, discern and make difficult choices, or identify and trust your own experiences of God or a higher power.
Spiritual direction is the very ancient and simple process of one person offering spiritual guidance and counsel to another. Within the Christian tradition, spiritual direction dates back at least 1500 years and is found in many other religions and wisdom traditions.
Spiritual direction is different from personal therapy or pastoral counseling, though many find it an important adjunct to work already happening in these settings. A Spiritual Director meets with you in a comfortable, quiet space where you can engage in conversation and prayer without interruption. Sessions are usually an hour and are scheduled once a month, or more if needed.

Learn more about our spiritual directors below:

Florida Ellis, DASD

Julie Johnson, Mdiv, Dmin, DASD

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