Couples Counseling

Couples counseling, also referred to as relationship counseling or couples’ therapy, is a collaborative form of treatment between you, your partner, and your therapist.

Couples counseling can support you and your partner in the following ways:

  • Improve your relationship
  • Build connection 
  • Work through a specific problem or dilemma
  • Learn conflict resolution or "fair fighting" rules
  • Improve communication
  • Navigate life transitions

Premarital Counseling 

Offered by Reverend Katie Sundermeir. Katie offers two 90-minute sessions working with a couple through the Prepare-Enrich Inventory. This inventory captures a couple’s natural areas of strength and areas of growth. It looks at dynamics such as communication, conflict resolution, family and friends, finances, and spiritual beliefs. The Inventory cost is $35 and the cost for the two 90- minute sessions is $300. Contact Katie directly to schedule:

Phone 404-228-7721



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Couples Counseling