Winter Newsletter 2017

Winter Newsletter 2017

Update from the Executive Director, Katie Sundermeier

The Samaritan Counseling Center Team is excited about all that is happening, and we’re going to highlight a few of these things here!

I began as the Executive Director this past May of 2016. This summer I learned the incredible stories of how we came to be and who we have been since SCCA first opened its doors in January of 1999. God has been at work in the forming of a diverse and vibrant staff of women and men in our thirties through seventies, who hold the following degrees: LPC, MSW, LMFT, PhD, MDiv and more. You can catch a snapshot of our team on the following page of our newsletter.

We are a team mixed with Christian pastors as well as therapists with different faith and religious backgrounds – united with a passion and commitment to providing excellent mental healthcare for each person who comes to us. We are committed to care for all, and we put this core belief into action! We bill between $25 and $250 per session, depending on one’s ability to pay. Each person on our team is gifted and skilled to walk with a client to provide mental healthcare and to engage spiritually as desired by the client.

Joining me in October, our Director of Finance and Development, Florida Huff, studied economics and then earned her MBA and is just what this Counseling Center needed to help us be our best.

January Highlight: Training! 

Dr. Lauren Edwards provided Supervision to some of our therapists this fall and noticed that we could benefit from specific training. She led a 5-hour training course entitled “Working with the Suicidal Client: Risk Assessment, Treatment, and Self-Care.”

All SCCA therapists, as well as Katie and Tony Sundermeier, Kevin Knab, and Terresha Anthony, the Director of the Women’s Transition Center, attended the training. During this presentation, Dr. Edwards walked through how to do a full suicide assessment, provided research-based treatment options, and gave self-care management tools for the healthcare provider.

Living in the Virtual World

Join us for a three-part series as we explore new technology and how it affects our youth.

March 15th, 22nd, and 29th — 7pm in Fifield Hall

For more information, click here

Divorce Support Groups

Florida Huff and Katie Sundermeier led a divorce support group of six women beginning this past November.  SCCA therapist Anna Ward Martin joined us for one of our Thursday night meetings. The group bonded in a beautiful way and journeyed together through discussions around grief, forgiveness, parenting, and moving forward.

On the last evening, each participant chose a prayer shawl knitted by FPC’s prayer shawl ministry.  The group is continuing to support each other’s lives in a variety of ways.

Kevin Knab and Rush Smith are leading a men’s group with two other participants.  They too have enjoyed developing new bonds and working towards healing and wholeness in their own ways.

SCCA Board of Directors

Joy Menefee, President

Lora Kight, Secretary

Susan Dimmick, Treasurer

Sarah Balsley

Chris Carlton

Sandy Crowder

Kevin Knab

Ellen Marmon

Ed Martin

Katie Sundermeier, Ex-officio

Florida Huff, Ex-officio

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