Living in a Virtual World

Living in a Virtual World

Where: First Presbyterian Church, Fifield Hall

When: Three Part Series, Wednesdays March 15, 22, 29 7:00-8:30pm

What: Our children today live in a very different media and technology landscape than just a decade or two ago. Smartphones, high speed internet, modern video games, and social media have all risen in this short period of time. These technologies allow us to communicate with loved ones face to face (at least virtually) anywhere on the globe, to listen to and learn from perspectives all over, and allows us to share our viewpoints and creative works with ease and scope that is nothing short of amazing.

And at the same time, there are various concerns parents, educators, spiritual leaders and psychologists have about the impact of these technologies on the development of children growing up with them. Various studies hint at the impact of modern media on attention disorders, anxiety/social anxiety, impulsivity and addictive behaviors.

This is a very new and emerging field; the problems they are studying are just decades old, if that. These talks will explore the latest neuroscience and psychology research relating to these issues and help educate parents on how to recognize signs of internet and gaming technology abuse. They will additionally explore how parents can help children navigate these technological landscapes in ways that align with their children’s’ goals, aspirations, and developing values.

We will also have breakout sessions and alternative activities for youth.

Who: Led by Kumar Krishnan, LAPC, NCC along with FPC Staff.

Kumar is a National Certified Counselor who holds a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Georgia State University. He has worked in both private practice and intensive outpatient settings with experience and interest in Problematic Internet Use, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Adult ADHD Management, Addiction, Immigration/ Acculturation, Grief, Men’s Issues and Depression.

He has a deep interest in neuroscience, and he utilizes education on the biology of the mind and the body as tools to help understand the self and to move toward authentic expression. Kumar also has experience as a public speaker, educating parents in techniques for integrating technology and media in their children’s life in a healthy manner.

Cost: Free

For more information, contact Jay York at 404.228.7751 or email him at