Kumar Krishnan, LAPC, NCC

Kumar Krishnan, LAPC, NCC

Kumar is a National Certified Counselor who holds a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Georgia State University. He has worked in both private practice and intensive outpatient settings with experience and interest in Problematic Internet Use, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Adult ADHD Management, Addiction, Immigration/ Acculturation, Grief, Men’s Issues, and Depression.

Kumar’s therapy approach has an existential-humanistic base that utilizes psychoeducation and cognitive behavioral interventions to inform it. He has a deep interest in neuroscience, and he utilizes education on the biology of the mind and the body as tools to help understand the self and to move toward authentic expression.

Kumar also has experience as a public speaker, educating parents in techniques for integrating technology and media in their children’s life in a healthy manner.

To contact Kumar or schedule an appointment, email him at:


or call (404) 228-7777.